Monday, April 16, 2012

Anniversary Post #2

Yesterday, this blog passed two years in existence. What began as an exercise to let me share some of my knowledge of the Hobby to others has turned into a regular outlet for me to comment on trends, share some of the cards that I've picked up, dispel a myth or two, answer questions and toss out the occasional sarcastic comment. It's also allowed me to interact with some really cool hobbyists that I'd have never met otherwise...which is always a good thing.

And I also intended to show off some of the cards in my collection that aren't exactly high-grade, like these (which eventually went to three lucky readers):

Here are some of my highlights during the past year:

I shared a not-exactly-short history of the Fleer company.

I offered this profile on a player who was present during three forfeited games of the 1970s.

I showed some hard-to-find T-series cards issued in "tobacco" country.

I also showed several ad backs of T-series cards.

Speaking of tobacco, here's a profile on Buck Duke.

I shared three baseball-related songs.

I even took a look at "action figures."

I tracked the design evolution of 1948-49 Bowman baseball1954-56 Topps baseball and 1950s Bowman football cards.

I spotlighted the 1941 Play Ball1954 Bowman, 1956 Topps, 1961-62 Topps Hockey1967 Topps Venezuelan, and 1979 Topps sets.

Finally, I said goodbye to Harmon Killebrew and Gary Carter.

Not bad for a year's work. Hopefully, I still have enough gas in the tank to keep it keep those questions coming and feel free to comment on some of these topics. I #1 when it comes to vintage sportscards?

Billy seems to think so. Here's a closer look:


  1. Congrats on the new year, Chris! I think the design evolution and concepts that get passed from set to set are my favorite articles.

  2. Happy anniversary! I hope you keep going for a lot longer.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Certainly one of my favourite stops!