Monday, May 21, 2012

1960s Topps Stamps Part 3

Seven years after including stamp panels inside their wax packages, Topps brought them back for 1969:

This time around, the set included 240 players. Using better pictures and coloring from their earlier versions, the company also developed a different design using a banner icon. They were evenly distributed by team, so the 24 teams had 10 players apiece. There was even a stamp album for each team:

It was more like a booklet, which featured sections for each player inside and several facsimile autographs on the back (a concept revisited with the unnumbered team checklists from 1973 and '74).

Instead of being inserted into wax packs along with base cards, these stamps were issued as a separate series in their own packaging:

The stamps were issued in perforated panels of 12, with 24 possible combinations of players. As you can see from the pack, one team album was also included in the package.

Topps used stamps later in the year with its football and hockey sets, too. The football stamps were issued along with the base set in 4-piece panels on thicker cardboard stock. The team album was also included. Those are covered in this post from 2010.

With the hockey stamps, they were actually designed to be placed on the back of the cards (and that concept was also used in the same year's O-Pee-Chee set).

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