Friday, May 6, 2011

New Vintage Hobby Book

Among the links I feature on my Blogroll on the left side of this blog is from Dean's Cards. Dean Hanley is a Cincinnati-based seller who has had a banner link from my FAQ page for years; he's a seller who "gets it" when it comes to vintage material and realizes that they're more than a simple matter of dollars and cents.
Dean has recently written an eBook about pre-World War One cards. 

(Image snagged from

 Here's an excerpt from his press release about it:

"Before there was Bubble Gum: Our favorite Pre-World War I Baseball Cards discusses a variety of early cards, ranging from tobacco cards, to caramel cards, to cards issued with clothing, and everything in-between.  The book is divided into sections, and each section is devoted to focusing on one type of card.  The T-Card section for example, gives an overview of the T-Card industry as a whole, and then is further broken down by chapters.  Each chapter contains information on one specific set of cards, and features numerous color pictures of the cards being discussed.  The T206 chapter for example, discusses the various rare and common card backs found on the American Tobacco Company’s famed white-border cards.

"We had a lot fun compiling all of the information and images needed for this book.  In conducting our research of some of the lesser known sets, such as the 1916 Tango Egg set, we really had to dig deep to find information.  We are hoping that this book will educate collectors, sellers, and general baseball fans about the various baseball cards sets of a century ago."

To order a copy of the book (and yes, this will give me a small commission if you do...thanks in advance), click the link below.

As an eBook, it can be delivered to your reader (iPad, Kindle, etc.) in moments, without the wait for the mail carrier and without having to spring for shipping and handling costs. Best of all, it only costs $6, which is a great deal.

I always love whenever more information can get into the general hobby, and I look forward to reading it myself.


  1. Is there only a Kindle version? Or can I actually buy a copy of the book? I don't have a Kindle or an iPad, so I'd be interested in picking up a paperback or hardcover version.

    Looks very interesting!

  2. I don't have an iPad or Kindle either. It came to me as a PDF file, which is able to be stored on my laptop.