Friday, May 13, 2011

Like This Blog? You'll Enjoy This Book

Last week, I featured a "heads-up" reminder about this book from Dean Hanley, the proprietor of Dean's Cards:

(I really need to come out and say that he did the book with Allyson Hamlin as well. I forgot to say that last time.)

I went ahead, got myself a copy and read it since then.

For a 50-page eBook, it certainly is packed with a lot of info. The text describes a lot of sets that you'll find on my own web site (T206, N28/N29 Allen & Ginter, Cracker Jack, etc.) as well as a few I haven't gotten around to adding yet (E92, B14 Blankets) and even tosses in one Boxing set (T225). The boxing set is neat because so few baseball card references even mention it.

For long-time collectors, the information is rather basic. However, the book seems to be written as a primer for those who are really interested in finding out more about the hobby's early days. Many of the readers of this blog have indicated to me that they appreciate the way I toss out info about early cards; with this book, the information is right there to read wherever. If you have an iPad or another device that reads PDF files and eBooks, it's something that can be carried to shows as a way of checking out what you see.

For six dollars (and almost immediate delivery), it's a great value. Even new hobby books made of paper cost more that that. You can check out the book (and buy it as well) at the following Amazon link:

Please help out Dean. He's a good hobby guy and if this is successful he says he'll be doing a follow-up book about gum issues.

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