Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Oldest Yankee Card

It's been a little while since I shared one of the cards with "character" from my collection. Here's one today from a set that doesn't get seen all that often:

It's a T213 Coupon and was printed around 1914. There are three types of T213 (each with a different back and different years of issue), and this card is a Type 2. The player is Jeff Sweeney, who is also found with Richmond as a team name. I'd show the back, but there's not a lot of it still attached to the card. But it's nearly 100 years old, and it's an early Yankee (they had changed their name from Highlanders in 1913).

There is sometimes a little confusion with this set, since it shares a similar design with T206 cards and even uses the same photos. However -- and this is a little hard to see on my card -- the text at the bottom is blue, which a T-card collector should notice right away. Blue ink is found on Type 2 and 3 cards, while brown ink is used for Type 1.

The Old Cardboard website has a quick breakdown of T213 cards, including years of issue and back images.

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