Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Blog

I may be crazy, but I've started another blog.

Since I was planning on showing off cards from my collection here, I was thinking of commenting on some of the cards from the 1973 Topps baseball set whose photos were often terrible. Then, while searching through my binder for examples, I realized I could simply devote an entire blog to the set.

1973 Topps Photography is now live, with 3 cards being featured per week. While this post is likely going to be buried soon under my upcoming posts, I'll have the link kept in the blog list to the left. At the rate of 3-4 each week, I can do the blog for a few years. It'll be fun, check it out. While there are only a couple of cards to be seen there now, here's an example for this blog:

I always liked this Joe Rudi card. It shows a plate celebration after what was likely a Gene Tenace home run. Tenace is flanked by two teammates. That looks like Johnny Oates of the Orioles looking away from the crowd, while an umpire waits to resume play. That makes five people on the card (not counting the crowd) and none of them is Joe Rudi.

On the other hand, this is a nice picture. It shows Crowley heading home and bracing for impact, with Thurman Munson waiting for the throw and the ball shown on the right side of the picture. You know there's about to be a collision, but want to know which player won the showdown.

I've always enjoyed 1973 Topps cards so this should be another great blog.

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