Monday, March 14, 2011

A Question -- Feedback Requested

Some of you who remember my newsletters and other writings a long time ago might remember this:

(Copyright 2003)

This is a booklet I wrote and sold through my newsletters and website. They sold well, and I had a great time putting it together. Here are a couple of sample pages from inside:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

One of my favorite parts was that when I sold them, several buyers asked if I'd give them a signed copy. That wasn't a problem at all, except my signature is barely legible and I needed to take a little extra time to make it out neatly.

I was looking at my personal copy of this booklet and realized that I have learned a great deal in the last eight years. It's made me want to go back and do it again. This time, however, I'd like to make it more of a hobby guide and include basic hobby info such as grading, buying/selling, and other stuff. The color photos inside would be changed to black and white to keep down costs, but it would be a much more informative guide.

My question(s): If this booklet were to come out...say, at about 48 pages and a price (including shipping) of $15...would you consider buying one? If it were available as an eBook and could be used on a Kindle or iPad, would that be something you'd consider buying? How about if the eBook were free along with the hard copy? It would be entirely self-published and done through a local print shop, so I have a lot of say over how this would work.

I'm seriously considering this and can probably put it together within a couple of months if I decide to do it. I really appreciate any feedback that might be given about this. Thanks in advance.


  1. I'd consider buying one, it looks very interesting. I like the idea of the ebook free with the hard copy. I've got a kindle, and use it a lot, but for more visual subjects, such as baseball cards, I'd much rather have a book from a tree with some nice pictures in it.

  2. Sure, I think so. Personally prefer PDFs for reading. Also alliteration.