Friday, December 23, 2011

Cards Inside Other Cards

Christmas is on Sunday, and since this is the the last scheduled post before the Holiday, here's a card I recently had sent to me from a fellow collector from Indiana named Randy:

It's not the best looking card in my 1972 set, but it fills one more hole in my binder. The '72 set is my birthyear set, so every step closer I get is a positive one.

Wilson is part of the semi-hi numbers, the fifth series of six in the set. The semi his are fairly tough (unless you want to shell out the money to buy them) and the hi numbers are even tougher. I still have about 115 cards to go on the set (making it the only set I'm working on since 1967 that has a wantlist over 100 cards).

The reason I'm showing it here today is because it came inside a different type of that looks like this:

Nothing like vintage cardboard to spread the Holiday cheer around.

Merry Christmas! May all your stockings be filled with cards and wax packs.


  1. I'd kill for that inside a Christmas card. Well, maybe "kill'' is the wrong verb for this time of the year.