Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Neat Team Card From the 1970s

While working on a recent project for another Website, I came across this card:

It's the Seattle Supersonics' team card from the 1975-'76 Topps basketball set.

I like the idea of having the team stand in front of an airplane since they're named after one. However, they didn't stand in front of a Supersonic plane like the Concorde, it's a 747. However, the company that manufactured the 747 was Boeing, a company that was founded in Seattle. So, there was a "hometown" angle behind the picture.


  1. Great card! Can't believe I missed it during my time there. (That should be Bill Russell in front, too, so you've got a HOFer front and center.)

  2. Looks like Jack Ramsey near the top?