Friday, July 16, 2010


A reader has asked if I can identify the 1976 Topps item he has:

The reader didn't leave a name, but added:

"I have a 1976 Topps team ckecklist uncut sheet and don't know anything about them."

In 1976, Topps issued photo cards for all 24 teams (and at the very top of the scan, you can see how they used a "floating heads" design for the Chicago Cubs). On the back of each card was a checklist for the players on that team, with this offer that the bottom:

In return for a wrapper and 50 cents, Topps would send a sheet with all the teams and checklists as a single sheet. Rather than using the same gray cardboard stock used for the regular set, these sheets were printed on thinner and whiter paper stock. The same offer ran later in '76 and again in '77 for Topps' football checklists.

Today, the full sheets are a neat discussion piece. If the sheet is in good shape without any writing or creases, it's worth a few dollars but not a lot more than that.

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  1. I used to order these and use them for my checklists instead of marking up my cards. I wish I still had them.