Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another New Resource for T206 Cards

Last year, I pointed out this site for information about the T206 set.

Earlier this month, Tim (the site's owner/curator) put up this page with publications about the T206 set, some of which are available for download...for free.

One that isn't the earliest reference shown. This comes from 1946:

This is an original copy of the American Card Catalog compiled by Jefferson Burdick. That's the guide that first referred to the "white border" set as T206. Although I'd love to see what was inside this book, George Vrechek wrote that baseball cards took up very little space. Burdick's interest was in all types of paper collectibles, rather than simply baseball cards.

Besides, the downloadable content on the page is definitely enough to satisfy my collecting instincts.

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