Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Practical Joke...

Today's card comes from the 1965 Topps set and shows a right-handed player posing as a left-handed batter. You can see that it's not a flipped negative, since his hat logo is correct:

Of course, Bob Uecker has become known as a wisecracker even among people who aren't baseball fans, thanks to a series of Miller Light commercials ("I must be in the front row") as well as a regular spot in the ABC-TV show Mr. Belvedere.

The same year this picture was taken, Uecker won his only World Series ring. He never got a chance to play in that Series, but that didn't stop him from getting noticed for his sense of humor. While shagging flies during a pre-game batting practice, Uecker noticed that a brass marching band was standing nearby. He grabbed a tuba and caught several balls with it.

Anyway, Uecker decided to pose for this card holding the bat incorrectly. As a backup catcher (and a lifetime .200 hitter), nobody noticed. However, the sly smile on his face lets on that he's up to no good.

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