Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yet Another Card With "Character"

Since I've been doing this blog, I've occasionally shared some of the cards I own that do I say this...

They're not exactly investor-grade material.

(This is where long-time readers roll their eyes and say, "No kidding!")

And here's one of those cards:

Mickey Mantle cards are quite expensive, due to him being a legend among Baby Boomers (especially with the ones that fueled the Hobby Explosion in the 1980s). He may not have been the best player of his era -- I think Willie Mays was better all-around, Hank Aaron hit more home runs, Jackie Robinson was the bigger hero and Sandy Koufax rates high as well -- but he's still the biggest Hobby name even 15 years after his death. Don't get me wrong, he was a great player. And being a Yankee great certainly didn't hurt his stature.

But...when you aren't looking to spend a lot of money, sometimes you have to be content with a card that looks like a road map of his native Oklahoma.


  1. That's a quality Mantle, sir. Knowing that he was a switch-hitter, wonder how many cards pictured him as a lefty compared to righty?

  2. That card oozes character. It also looks like it sounded great in someone's spokes. Still, I'd rather have that than one of the million Mantle's Topps is shoving down our throats lately.