Friday, March 30, 2012

Q&A -- Fatima

This email comes from Linda:
"We were looking through some old pictures yesterday and came across an old baseball card. It is of a single player named 'McBride, Washington.' It was a tobacco advertisement card. Fatima was on it and Pictorial News Company may have been printer. I did find information on a McBride( no first name) who played for Philadelphia Athletics. Do you know any more about this?"
 (Images from an Oct.2007 Huggins & Scott auction)

From your description of the card, it sounds like a T222 Fatima card.They were issued in 1914 and are pretty rare. Here is a link to an auction for one of those cards: (the same one where the images above appeared). Also, here's a little more info about the set from the Old Cardboard site.

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