Monday, August 13, 2012

A McDonald's Promo That Didn't Do So Well

When McDonald's founder Ray Kroc bought the San Diego Padres in 1974, it was only logical that a promotional tie-in between the two was only a matter of time. And on July 30, 1974, these were given to the attendees of the Padres' game against the Dodgers:

Inside the baseball were five circular Padres player cards, one that featured Ronald McDonald and a card that featured the team's home schedule on one side and the dates the rest of the team cards would be available at local McDonald's restaurants.

There was a hinge at the bottom of the baseball which allowed the cards to stay in order despite the circular design of the baseball. A hinge was placed at the bottom of each card to keep them in place...which can be seen on the Willie McCovey card below:

The set was a test to gauge a wider release in other area, but evidently it wasn't a success. No other teams were given a similar McDonald's treatment.

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  1. Wow... these are cool. I love food issues, McDonalds, and the San Diego Padres. I must own this set!