Friday, June 11, 2010


Joe inquires:

Q:  "I am not sure what kind of cards I have.  They are 8 by 10 inches with a color picture on the front.  On the back it has a star with the words "In Action" and info on each player.  I have 7 of these cards which include Carl Hubbell, Charlie Gehringer, Wally Moses, Jimmy Foxx and Gabby Harnett.  The cards have punch holes on side.  I assume that was not there when it was made.  They are otherwise in very good shape."

A:  Your cards are 1937 and 1938 Dixie Lids Premiums, given away as part of a redemption offer. Redemptions and premium cards seem to have been quite popular during the Great Depression, perhaps because they were produced to be given away upon request and therefore less expensive to produce. There were four baseball players from each year (and other athletes, as well as actors and other celebrities), and the holes were part of their design. There are usually a couple of these available on eBay.

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