Friday, June 18, 2010

This Card's Too Big...

Now, most collectors know that in the 1950s card sizes were all over the place.

In 1950, Bowman had a nice, almost square card. They made them taller in '51 and then Topps came out with huge cards in'52. So Bowman had to make theirs bigger in '53. So, after '56 Bowman is gone and Topps decides to cut down the cards to a smaller size.

Let's say you didn't care for those '52-'56 cards. Perhaps they were too big and didn't fit right in your pants pockets. Maybe it just bothered you that they were so much bigger than your cards from '57 and later. To a kid, all you need is some good ol' American ingenuity and a pair of scissors.

Problem solved.


  1. Back in 1975, somehow one of the Topps mini cards came in a regular pack of Topps cards. I saw the card and as a 10 year old, I got the bright idea to cut all my Topps cards to a smaller size. I remember spending hours doing this.

  2. That's some quality scissor work. Kluttz even looks a religious triptych with those trimmed corners and soft background.