Friday, June 25, 2010


Tim asks:

Q:  "Great website - what a great resource!  I learned a lot about Goudey cards!  I have a question for you.  I purchased an old scrapbook at an auction, and in it were glued a bunch of 1935 Goudey 4-in-1's which have been cut apart.  I was able to take them out and remove all of the glue residue on the backs.

Do these have any value at all?  Just curious.  I think they look great, and plan on keeping them regardless."

(Chris's note: The card shown is a 1935 Goudey from my own collection. Sorry, I haven't gotten one that's been cut up yet...but that can change in the future, especially if I start looking for Hall of Famers.)

A:  The cards have a little value but not much.  The one exception: the Babe Ruth card.  He's one of those players who command premium prices even if the card isn't what you'd consider "premium."

I know several collectors out there who are content buying 1935 Goudey cards that have been cut because they fit into a small budget.  Personally, I think cards that have been damaged have their own unique
stories to tell...and that's part of what makes this hobby great.

Glad to read that you plan on keeping them anyway.

Besides 1935 Goudey, other sets that are sometimes found cut apart due to their design are 1941 Double Play and T202 (Hassan Triple Folders) from 1912. In fact, I have a small number of those in my collection:

Not the prettiest cards I own, but they'll do until I get the complete panels.


  1. I nominate 1941 Double Plays for the mixer. The side-by-side, 2-player look is tailor-made for trimming down to individual players!

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