Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mail Call

These cards arrived in the mailbox a short time ago:

The players are all beloved to fans of 1950s baseball:
  1. Vic Wertz, who hit the ball in '54 that caused Willie Mays to make that amazing catch.
  2. "Puddin' Head" Jones, third baseman for the 1950 "Whiz Kid" Phillies.
  3. Andy Pafko, best known as '52 Topps card #1.
These 1951 Topps cards are fairly worn.

Okay, they're beat to hell. They exhibit paper loss and water stains. They're in lesser shape than my other 1951 Topps cards (which is saying a lot). However, look at the backs:

As 1951 Blue Backs, they increase my own collection from only four cards to seven, so I have no problem adding them. They were sent to me for free, with two stipulations:
  1. I give them a good home.
  2. Should I ever upgrade, they are sent for free to a new owner.
I think I can handle those terms.

Only 45 left to complete the set!

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