Friday, September 17, 2010


Rob asks:

"I decided to look  through 1958 Topps cards online. I did an eBay search for a Stan Musial, and all that came  back was the all stat Stan Musial. Then I looked at my SCD book and saw no regular Musial.....My question is Why did Topps only print an All Star version of Stan Musial? Any help with this topic would be greatly appreciated."

(Another card with "character" from this blogger's collection)

If you look at all the major baseball card issues, you'll see that Musial wasn't in anybody's set between 1953 and '58. '54 Red Heart was the sole exception. His '53 Bowman card in the color set was his final one for that company, and that '58 All Star was his first Topps card in all. Additionally, he had been left out of Bowman's 1950 and '51 sets as well.

I'm not really sure why he wasn't in any of those sets, though. A similar question to Net54 was answered with several theories. Perhaps he was under some type of arrangement with another company like Rawlings, or he may have ignored attempts to get him to sign a card contract. He may have felt the card companies weren't paying enough money to be bothered. Perhaps one of this blog's readers has some insight and will leave a comment.

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