Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Fall Classic...and a Hobby Classic

Today is the start of the World Series. Rather than running a repeat entry, I'll link to the four-part series from last year:

World Series Cards Through 1969
Postseason Series - the 70s Part 1
Postseason Series - the 70s Part 2
Postseason Series - the 70s Part 3

Instead, I'll show off this card from a Series that took place in my youth:

1978 Topps #413 -- the '77 World Series card

When I was a kid, this was the very first baseball card I owned. Up to that point, I owned a number of non-sports cards (most notably Star Wars), but it wasn't until this was traded to me for one of those non-sports cards that I even paid attention to baseball cards.

Say what you want about the Yankees now, but at that time the team was just coming out of a 15-year slump and that man getting ready to take a big swing was one of the missing pieces needed to make that happen. Not only that, but he had his own candy bar. That may have also attracted my attention at six years old.

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