Friday, October 14, 2011

Old-School "Inserts"

Here's a card I picked up a little while ago:

Before randomly-seeded "chase cards" became the norm, this was the "insert card" of my youth. This card was seeded inside a wax pack of 1983 Topps cards. As you can see, it was a simple "scratch-off" game. Some cards revealed prizes, and others could be saved for a send-away glossy set. The details are written on the back inside a little box:

 Yes, that's a gum stain in the middle. I'd prefer it there instead of a regular card.

I scartched off several of those cards in 1983, but never got anything besides points. However, in 1984, I opened one of the packs sitting inside my Christmas stocking and won a batting glove. Unlike the card above, there was an expiration date of 12/15 on the '84 cards. My mother wrote a short note to Topps asking if they could overlook the little ten-day issue...and Topps sent me a batting glove. I should have kept it, but I wore it out pretty quickly in Little League the following spring.


  1. That's awesome about the batting glove! In 1985 I won something call "The Homerun Book" that had bios of the all-time HR hitters. The cover is long since gone, but it's in my room at my parents' house.

  2. I wonder if anyone won the world series tickets. Interesting in that they offered ticket to either the 83 or 84 series, I don't think you'd see this today. I don't remember these cause I was well past my card collecting prime, but the remind me of the baseball game scratch off from the 1970 set. I don't think that game was for prizes.