Friday, October 7, 2011

What is This Thing?

Here's something from the "Oddball" section of my collection:

It's interesting to see players from the past in their uniforms, and on fields that didn't get the meticulous treatment that ground crews give today. "Bullet" Joe Bush played for the New York Yankees between 1922 and 1924, which put him on the team when they first occupied Yankee Stadium.

While it looks like it might be an Exhibit card from the 1920s, it isn't. It's a postcard, as you can see from the back:

And right in the corner is a notification that it's a reprint from 1973.

Here's the interesting part...the address in the center is from Amawalk, New York. The collector in me recognizes the city as the home of Mike Aronstein, the founder of TCMA. Sure enough..."The Card Memorabilia Associates" can be shortened to TCMA. That's a new one for me, as I've heard that the acronym stood for the initials of its two founders.

So, this postcard is part of the process that led to the SSPC sets in 1975-'76 and a slew of collector sets into the 1980s.

I've mentioned Mr. Aronstein in this blog before, as one of the sponsors of the 1984 National:

He's the one sitting bottom left.

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