Friday, February 3, 2012

Pre "Big Game" Post, Part 2

There are two reasons for the name of this entry. First(and I really wouldn't need to say this now, but this post will be readable for a long time to come), the Super Bowl is going on this weekend. Second...last year's post had a similar title and racked up a whole bunch of hits.

When it comes to football, I only collect one team, and they aren't taking the field for the title this year. So, I'll do a "history lesson" that doesn't need to include them.

But before I talk about this card, I need to stop and talk about where this image came from. It comes from a site called The Vintage Football Gallery, which really needs to be on your bookmark page if you're at all interested in vintage football cards. The owner of that site, Mike, is also the writer of Nearmint's Vintage Football Card Blog, which appears right here in my Blogroll.

This card is the only football player included in the 50-card Goodwin Champions set from 1888, also known as N162. The link in the previous sentence goes to my own site, as it is a general sports set that includes baseball players as well. It features Henry Beecher, the captain of the Yale football team and a relative of Harriet Beecher Stowe (she wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin just before the Civil War). It is regarded to be the very first football card in existence.

Class is dismissed. Enjoy the game.


  1. Cool post and a cool card! I looked into some of this a while ago and compared to the Upper Deck "re-hash" Goodwin set.

  2. Thanks to both of you. I guess all three of you. Cool card and trivia.