Friday, July 6, 2012


Today's entry features a couple of pennants of teams that have long held a rivalry:

They are from 1959 and measure 15 inches across. Though the Bazooka name is on them, they were actually made available through these cards inserted into Topps wax packs that year:

Even though the pennants were issued by Topps (who made Bazooka), the use of the brand name on the pennants themselves gives them their name.

Not to be outdone, Bazooka had its own card-related product that year.


  1. I wish Topps would have done something like this in the mid to late 70s

  2. Those are pretty nice, Chris. I've had my eye out for one of those as an insert 'type' addition to my '59 set. There are usually a few available on eBay but I'm in no hurry. Getting all of them would be too expensive so I'll wait for the Orioles to come along at a good price.