Friday, July 27, 2012

Here in Frisco...

(The title is a reference to a song by Merle Haggard. I'm aware that San Francisco natives aren't thrilled to hear their city referred to as "Frisco." But, I admit to the fact that I'm not a native.)

A few weeks back, I showed a card distributed in a 1954 New York City paper that featured players from all three teams in the city. The Giants were treated to a similar feature after they moved to San Francisco:

In 1958, the San Fransisco Call-Bulletin included 25 players in their paper as part of a promotion in conjunction with a local radio station. It was the club's first year in the city, which help its collectabilty. The fact that they're printed on bright orange paper, however, is a different story.

There is a perforation in the middle that allowed parents to keep the "valuable" stub while the kids kept the player portraits. That's a good idea in theory (and sensible), but the cards lose half of their value if they've been torn. The back features a Giants schedule and another plug for the radio station:

Four of the players in the set (Tom Bowers, Eddie Bressoud, Ray Jablonski and Willie Kirkland) were short-printed.

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