Friday, September 23, 2011

Q&A -- 1947 Bread Cards

Shane asks:
"Please verify for me I've researched the 1947 Bond Bread and Homogenized Bond Bread Jackie Robinson cards...for over a month now...and I'm still confused??????

Is 1947 Bond Bread a completely different set/different company from 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread cards? Does one set contain rounded corners only and the other set have 13 SQUARE corners?

From my Web site page about the 1947 Homogenized set...Bob Elliott's card, with rounded corners.
There are two different sets. One features 13 cards of Jackie Robinson, while the other is a 48-card set that features baseball players (one of whom is Jackie Robinson) and four boxers.

The Robinson set has square corners and a back design. The regular set has both square and rounded corners (my article will explain why, as well as the disagreement between collectors about them) and a blank back. 

Good luck on the sets, those Robinson cards are some of the "real" cards available from his rookie year.

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