Friday, September 16, 2011

A Shameless Plug

One of the links I have listed off to the side of this blog is Cardboard Connection. I don't generally recommend specific sellers on this blog, but this one is an exception because I'm helping out behind the scenes there.

No, I'm not selling. The site's owner Mike has asked me to help him with descriptions of vintage sportscard sets (all sports, not just baseball) and I'm working on getting them done in a somewhat timely manner. Many of them are now listed on this page, and I provided the info on most of the pre-1980 sets listed. What i think is really neat about some of the sets is the way there are links to eBay auctions. That's not always helpful -- the first several auctions for Obaks on this page are actually for modern cards using the same name -- they are helpful in tracking down material from certain sets.

I actually got that gig simply because Mike looked online and saw what I've put online about cards, both with this blog and with my Vintage Baseball Cards site. There will be more to come, but feel free to check out his site now and see what is there.

And if you end up doing business with Mike, let him know I sent you there.

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