Friday, September 2, 2011

Old Hobby Stuff

At the National, one of my trading buddies handed this card to me:

It's a postcard-sized advertisement for a card show. As a hobby enthusiast, I think I enjoy the fact that this card survived all these years even more than the fact that it shows two Yankee legends.

It's not a postcard, though. The back had info about the show:

Nearly 37 years ago, sports memorabilia collectors converged in New York City for a weekend to look through stacks of cards and check out other sports-related items. The admission price seems a little high (It only cost $1 to get into the first National in 1980), but the NYC location may have had an influence there. However, considering that a single-day pass at this year's National was $ doesn't seem out of sorts today.

One thing I can't get past...the line about the memorabilia spanning 1880-1974. It's odd to think that -- at that time -- 1880 was less than a century before.

Google Maps shows this image at 140 E. 8th Street in Manhattan:

The show was likely in the building to the right.

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