Friday, September 30, 2011

Q&A -- Big Klu

Today's question comes from Fred, who asks:
"Ted Kluszewski's cards seem to command a premium. Any reason?"
This is the perfect time to show this gem from the 1957 Topps set

Ted Kluszewski was a big power hitter in the 1950s. He was to the National League what Rocky Colavito was in the American. He was known for his power, as illustrated by his massive muscles that led him to go without a t-shirt in the Reds' uniforms of the era (as in the card above). He was also able to hit for average and keep his strikeout totals low, which many power hitters were unable to do.

Unfortunately, a series of injuries limited his career numbers so "Big Klu" was never able to get Hall of Fame-type numbers. Still, he's well-remembered among fans of 1950s baseball and a source of pride for Polish-Americans. And from what I've been told, he was always good with the fans (another thing that makes certain players beloved).

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  1. I doubt that players today would have the option of going sleeveless, no way Selig would allow it!