Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Larger Than Life Cards

While the "Powers That Be" are doing their best to ruin the current NBA season, I think it's a nice time to take a little glimpse into the past (like I need much prompting to do that):

The is image does not do much of a job in showing just how huge the 1976-'77 Topps basketball cards were. They measured 3 1/8 inches wide and 5 1/4 inches high. The large size is somehow appropriate because basketball players are usually larger in size themselves.

These cards have been lauded by some collectors as perfect to get for autographs. Except those who say the larger size makes it hard to store...or the action shots that are sometimes too dark for a black or blue Sharpie to show up nicely.

They're nice cards, though, and definitely stand out even among the other 1970s NBA cards.

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  1. I remember these being sold in the drug store as a kid. Back then I'd like to sample from baseball, football, basketball and hockey. But those big cards seemed too weird for me -- and consequently basketball was too weird.