Friday, November 11, 2011

Wait...Ice Cream?

Here's a card whose origin may be an interest to collectors, as well as history buffs:

It's from 1928 and was issued by a company called Yeungling's. Many of us are aware that Yeungling's is a company that is considered to be the oldest brewery in America. Its roots extend back to 1829 and a German immigrant, whose family still runs the company. However, this set of cards was issued with ice cream rather than any adult beverages.

Yes, you read that right, ice cream. After Prohibition began in 1920, it was necessary to find other avenues for business and Yeungling's ran a dairy in addition to making "near beers" and running dance halls. A full set of 50 cards could be redeemed for a free gallon of ice cream, which may account for their scarcity.


  1. I took a tour of the Yuengling Brewery, it was really neat to hear and see how the beer was made back when they first started. The Dairy was opened up right across the street from the original brewery when prohibition started. Buildings are still exactly the same now as they were back in the 20's. Great post here...

  2. I grew up in the area and it's been a few years since I've gone on the brewery tour, but you could actually climb the steps and look down into the vats up close. Also free samples at the end. Woohoo! Kid friendly too as they had birch beer as well on tap and if you've never had birch beer from a keg, it tastes awesome and totally rocks anything from a bottle or can.

  3. Neat, finding one of these is now on my Holy Grail list. My Grandmother's family is from that area and I know some family members worked at that brewing plant at one time or another. It's also my favorite beer at the moment.