Friday, October 21, 2011

2012 SCD Price Guide is Now Ready

The 2012 edition of the SCD "Big Book" is now being sent out to collectors. I mentioned the guide in this blog back in July, when it was still available only as a pre-order item.

I also mentioned that the 2012 edition would be a vintage-only guide that cut off at 1980. This was cheered by vintage collectors but jeered as being "incomplete" by others. I have sympathy for both sides, and personally felt that either a two-volume set or a CD-ROM that would allow the info to easily be loaded onto a computer would have been a better idea.

One more thing: with this edition, long-time editor Bob Lemke has retired. While it'll be weird not to see his name on the cover (he was doing the job when I was a kid and first paid attention to the fact that people were actually writing about the hobby), I'm happy to see that Bob has reached the point in his life where he can just focus on himself. SCD doesn't seem to be in a big hurry replacing him (note to SCD -- I'm available and will consider relocating), so I'm not sure what a 2013 edition will contain.

If you'd like to pick up a copy, Amazon has new copies available cheap:

One thing that has been included is a Hot/Cold list. Here's what SCD has to say about the current state of the Hobby:

  • Ruth
  • Cobb
  • Gehrig
  • Koufax
  • Clemente
  • Ryan
  • Rare T-card backs
  • T205, T206
  • M101-4, M101-5
  • 1920s Exhibits
  • Bowman
  • 1952 Topps
  • 50s-60s regional issues
  • NM+ cards

  • Joe Jackson
  • Wagner
  • Young
  • Mantle
  • Aaron
  • Rose
  • E-cards
  • T202, T207
  • 1910-11 Sporting Life
  • 1930s Goudey
  • Leaf
  • non-1952 Topps
  • Latin American issues
  • Collector-grade cards

 I think this is an interesting list. I definitely agree about rare T-card backs simply from my experience working at The National this year, but don't see prices softening on vintage Mantle or Aaron cards. If anybody has anything to say about the list -- good or bad -- feel free to say so in the comment section.


  1. The "not" list is certainly interesting. Trying to finish the '74 OPC Aarons certainly wasn't easy. What does he mean by "collector-grade?" Is that his euphemism for "well-loved?"

    I can sort of imagine Rose, but I wonder what would drive the other names to the "not" list?

  2. I am down to my last 25 or so '59 topps and can report there is no softening in the price of the Hank Aaron card from that set!!!

  3. Did they do a away the CD-ROM that was included in the older issues ?! I love that book, much better than Beckett's Almanac.

  4. Yes, the CD-ROM was dropped a few years back. I thought that was a really unfortunate choice.